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KPN presented us with a critical concern – a disconnection from the younger audience. Their challenge was to reestablish a meaningful connection while maintaining their reputable image.


Recognizing the gap in traditional media coverage for the Gen-Z generation's issues, we, at Dentsu Creative, proposed an innovative solution: live talk shows on TikTok. Led by influencers and experts, these discussions delved into problems faced by the Gen-Z demographic that were often overlooked in conventional media spaces. Our strategy was to position KPN as the invisible hand, facilitating conversations around the brand. By addressing the unique challenges of the younger generation and offering valuable advice, KPN aimed not just to connect but to be a guiding force for improved life quality.

With a solid concept in place, our challenge was to fuse KPN's identity with Gen-Z's expressive visuals, creating a connection on their preferred digital platforms. The visual approach, "building blocks for a better tomorrow," Acknowledging the fluidity of today's reality, these blocks were designed to adapt and evolve, providing a dynamic yet solid foundation.


Inspired by the digital realm, elements like emojis became tangible shapes, depicting the tangible impact of online interactions on daily life. This visual system resonates with Gen-Z, seamlessly marrying KPN's identity with familiar digital visuals.


To further emphasize the careful consideration given to each topic, every episode received unique lettering, adding personalization and contributing to visual diversity, highlighting the thoughtful approach to each aspect of the initiative.

With the visual system in motion, we transitioned from concept to action, forging tangible connections and inspiring real change among Gen-Z. Our goal was not just to propel but to enable meaningful actions, offering a respite from digital overuse and promoting well-being.

We introduced thoughtfully curated kits, each tailored to specific topics and occasions. One example includes earplugs, providing an escape from digital noise to savor moments of quiet reflection. Collaborating with "Cards Against Humanity," we crafted a collection that used humor to tackle challenging topics, fostering open conversations. Additionally, kits featured yoga and self-care products, encouraging individuals to engage in activities that promote personal well-being.


These kits became a tangible extension of our initiative, reinforcing the message that KPN is not just a digital presence but a companion actively contributing to the well-being of the Gen-Z audience.

To complement these experiences and further our mission, we ventured into merchandise. Understanding the needs and preferences of our audience, we designed and introduced stylish hats and scarves.


Beyond mere accessories, these items served a purpose – shielding against the sun or cold, depending on the season. This merchandise not only resonated with the values of our initiative but also became a tangible representation of the connection we aimed to foster with our audience during live events.

Lead Designer

Pablo Chávarri

This project was brought to life through the collaborative efforts of the talented team at

Dentsu Creative Amsterdam

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