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About me

Hello, I am Pablo, a seasoned multidisciplinary designer with over a decade of international experience.


Currently, I am the Brand Design Lead at Dentsu Creative Amsterdam, working at the forefront of shaping visual identities for international brands. In this pivotal role, I embrace a modern approach to leadership—fostering collaboration, constructivism, and mutual growth within the team. I believe in crafting not just designs but cohesive stories that resonate. My responsibilities within branding design encompass delivering compact and everlasting identities, laying the groundwork for successful brand journeys. Here, I have the privilege to collaborate with companies ranging from scale-up ventures with intriguing concepts to well-established giant brands, spanning diverse industries, adding a dynamic layer to my creative journey.


My journey also led me to the role of Senior Designer at Polaroid, starting in Berlin when it was just a startup and later moving to Amsterdam during the scaling-up phase, transforming the initial concept into an internationally recognized company.
As the brand guardian, I ensured that our visual work met the highest world-class quality standards across a spectrum of design disciplines, including identity design, typography, layout, animation, guidelines, storyboarding, mockups, print, digital, and AV materials.

In my career, I've thrived in diverse environments, from my early steps at creative agencies like and Saatchi & Saatchi, which were the springboard for my professional growth. Later on, I delved into the design-focused studio Estrada Design, where I engaged in projects with corporate giants as well as collaborated with film industry design, museums, and esteemed editorial companies, among others


Working as an individual, I've collaborated with renowned companies in technology and sustainability. Additionally, I've shared my expertise as a screen printing teacher at a social workshop.

In my free time, you can find me walking in nature with my dog, learning to climb, or digging for new music at the record store.

Selected Clients

Alianza Editorial, Amsterdam Municipality, Carmencita, Cores, CRUE, Dentsu Global, Disney, El Deseo (Pedro Almodóvar), Four-Leaves, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), General Motors (GM), Gmp, GLS, Jeep, Keith Haring Foundation, KLM, KPN, LeGrand, Lumion, Mar Capital, MediaCollege Amsterdam, Microsoft, Mincho, MoMA NYC, MoMA Tokyo, MTv, Nationale-Nederlanden (NN Group), Netflix, Peanuts, Persán, PlasticBean, Polaroid, Porsche, Professional Association of Civil Engineers of Madrid, PIF(KSA), Repsol, Toyota, Volkswagen Group, Wehkamp, YSL

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