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To put this new product out in the world, Polaroid collaborated with young creators, and through their own stories, together with the already created imagery, reached a new atmosphere that motivates upcoming creatives to use Polaroid Go as an innovative tool.


The campaign was present online with engaging authentic stories and in the streets throughout an eye-catching campaign that invited the public to “Go create”.

Polaroid launches for the first time, in more than 30 years, a new film format, aiming to connect with a younger audience.


For this innovative design, the creative challenge lies in finding the balance of an imagery that resembles with the new generations and not losing the essence of a brand, with such a strong visual legacy, like Polaroid.

In the new visual system some representative brand elements are kept to ensure its recognition and some others are reinterpreted to suit better the new Polaroid Go concept.


Finally some new techniques are introduced, like the illustrations done by “La Boca”, with a tactile atmosphere that helps to embody the spirit of this campaign and have an essential role in its development.

Creative Director 

Ignasi Tudela

Art Director

Laura Wesson

Valerio Nicoletti

Senior Designer

Pablo Chávarri

Project Manager

Alastair Rielly


Kirsty Bennett

Sarah Sharp


Elisa Scotti

Nicky Gennburg

Nayan Patel

3D Designer

Marzia Tolome

Photo Editor

Jessica López


Harriet Browse

Digital Designer

Mariaeva Benoff

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