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Tasked with forging a distinct visual identity for PlasticBean, we aimed to encapsulate its role as a transformative force in sustainable plastic production, harmonizing with environmental values.


The identity echoes PlasticBean's mission to redefine the raw material, establishing a visual language that communicates energy and dynamism. It seamlessly integrates with the broader narrative of conscientious consumer choices, symbolizing a small change today for a more sustainable and resilient tomorrow.


This design aligns PlasticBean as a standout player in the eco-conscious landscape, resonating with its overarching mission while harmonizing cohesively with allied entities in the sustainable sphere.

The design centers on the theme Shape Anything, extending an open invitation to consumers and plastic buyers to mold PlasticBean's pellets into their envisioned creations. The narrative follows the evolution of beans, growing tirelessly to manifest into the destined objects.

Lead Designer

Pablo Chávarri

This project was brought to life through the collaborative efforts of the talented team at

Dentsu Creative Amsterdam


Harriet Browse


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