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With the relaunch of Polaroid, all the brand elements and products were redefined according to the new identity and its values, like the film or the cameras.

After the transformation of “The Impossible Project” into “Polaroid Originals”, now it was time to evolve the brand one more time and unify it globally.


One of the biggest challenges was to preserve Polaroid’s heritage and turn it into something new and dynamic that resembles with today's word.

The relaunch campaign had a transversal impact, from Pop-up stores in cities like New York or Paris, and exclusive retail displays; to social activations emphasising the colour importance through stories told by real analog photographers.

Polaroid partnered with Ridley Scott Europe to produce a film on how the product is crafted from the chemicals in the lab to the magical feeling that it produces when it is ejected from the slot of the camera.

In view of the occasion, a new camera was released celebrating the colours of the brand, the Polaroid Now, creating a world that gravitated around the rainbow in all the executions as can be seen in the packaging or the key visual that supported the product.

Lastly, to celebrate the new brand, Polaroid launched an exclusive special edition to be distributed among photographers, partners, etc. inspired in a classic brand expression.

Creative Director 

Ignasi Tudela
Danny Pemberton

Art Director

Valerio Nicoletti

Senior Designer

Pablo Chávarri

Project Manager

Rupe Arkell

Sonja Prins


Kirsty Bennett


Elisa Scotti

3D Designer

Marzia Tolome

Photo Editor

Jessica López


Harriet Browse

Digital Designer

Wenhui Zhen

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