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The next generation camera from Polaroid, the right tool to explore creativity throughout an analog device.


As defined at “Our most creative camera yet. Polaroid Now+ is our new connected camera with more creative tools than ever before. Get 5 lens filters, plus extra tools inside the Polaroid mobile app to mix up how you create. More control, more filters, and more creativity in one analog instant camera.”

For this new product it was intended to communicate how a whole new world of possibilities was feasible thanks to all the new features, wether through the connected App or the lens filters. For this reason the whole campaign was set in a dreamy environment where the limitations of the real world wouldn’t interfere with the creative process.


Another key element was the “+”, across all executions like the product logo, packaging, campaign, etc. it was fundamental to communicate how now it was possible to get “More”.

Creative Director 

Ignasi Tudela

Art Director

Laura Wesson

Valerio Nicoletti

Senior Designer

Pablo Chávarri

Project Manager

Alastair Rielly


Kirsty Bennett

Sarah Sharp


Elisa Scotti

Nicky Gennburg

Nayan Patel

3D Designer

Marzia Tolome

Photo Editor

Jessica López


Harriet Browse

Digital Designer

Mariaeva Benoff

Press Coverage


Print Mag


PC Mag

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