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From drawing on subway walls, to challenging the conventions of the art world, and using his platform for activism—Keith Haring's legacy and art broke rules and changed the world forever. This partnership celebrates Keith Haring's trail-blazing spirit and puts his art in the hands of everyone.

“Keith Haring and Polaroid are such a perfect fit,“ Gil Vazquez, Acting Director of the Keith Haring Studio, said. “The artist and the brand are both so iconic with shared egalitarian values in really promoting self-expression and creativity for everybody. Keith took a lot of Polaroid shots himself, so there is a legacy here that we are really happy to celebrate.“

The approach to this collaboration was conceived under the idea: "how would have Keith Haring intervened all those pieces himself, if they would have come across his hands?" without losing the Polaroid iconic signature.


This engaging challenge was a success thanks to the graphic balance between the simplicity of the containers (film pack, camera packaging) and the final product where it was presented as if Haring would have covered them with his own brush.

The collaboration was taken into the MoMA Design Store in NYC and Hong Kong, where the boutique was customised according to the ongoing campaign.

Keith Haring was a big activist who made significant contributions to the LGBTQIA+ community and a pioneer in the awareness of tabu topics like HIV or the abuse of crack in the US.

To honour his legacy, the campaign developed with meaningful stories from queer creatives.

Creative Director 

Ignasi Tudela

Art Director / Senior Designer

Pablo Chávarri

Project Manager

Alastair Rielly


Kirsty Bennett


Nayan Patel

3D Designer

Marzia Tolome

Photo Editor

Jessica López


Harriet Browse

Digital Designer

Mariaeva Benoff

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